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ROA’s unique sound juxtaposes western punk-rock spirit with traditional eastern melody, a concept they’ve dubbed “和洋折衷/ Wayo Settyu” –literally meaning “the blending of Japanese and western styles”. Formed by the drummer of Japan’s legendary chart-topping ska-punk outfit SNAIL RAMP, ROA manage to propel their country’s three-stringed traditional instrument, the Tsugaru-shamisen, into the 21st century by implementing its iconic sound in new and exciting ways.
01. Nuneration
02. Ushism
03. Toriot
04. Utopia
05. Tatour
06. Mischief
07. Umanity
08. Hitsugenius
09. Saroots
10. Kijinx
11. Inuvation
12. Inosecret
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