AMATSUKI – DiVE!! [Digital]

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NicoNico hero turned J-pop star AMATSUKI returns with his second major single DiVE!!, out now for digital download and streaming courtesy of JPU Records in the UK and Europe. The rock infused track is the singer's first tie-in with TV anime and is featured as the opening theme to Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, a franchise AMATSUKI has fond memories growing up with.

DiVE!! includes four original songs, each capturing AMATSUKI's adventurous spirit. Highly influenced by Japanese pop culture, particularly anime, video games and vocaloid – a music phenomenon that has swept Japan involving synthetic vocals and virtual pop icons – AMATSUKI’s music packs a powerful dose of energy, charm and imagination that’s resulted in him winning fans the world over, regardless of language barriers, as well as an appearance at MCM London Comic Con in 2016.

In Japan, AMATSUKI first gained a following on video sharing website NicoNico where he recorded covers of vocaloid, anime and J-pop songs. Now he has over 600,000 followers on Twitter, a major debut album under King Records that reached number four in the daily national charts, and a live DVD which reached number one in the weekly ranking.


01. DiVE!!
02. Myoujyou no Yaiba
03. Present
04. Kimi ga Matsuda no oka e