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AMATSUKI’s third single "Mr.Fake / TSUNAGERU" features five new songs, including three separate tie-ins with film, theatre and charity work, and reached number five in Japan’s daily CD Singles chart.

Opening track Mr.Fake is the theme song to hit live action adaptations of thriller / horror manga Tomodachi Game (“Friends Game”), which was transformed into a popular TV series earlier this year, followed by two films starring Ryo Yoshizawa (Gintama, Kamen Rider).
Co-titular track TSUNAGERU is an uplifting J-pop ballad that was used as the theme song for mobile phone operator docomo’s Tohoku reconstruction effort. Entitled “The Bridge of Smiles Rainbow Project”, the movement continues to support those left without homes after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

The final of the three tie-ins is MIRAI NO SEIMEI used in the period theatre drama Yoshiteru Swordsman General, based on the 16th century shogun and sword master which is currently running at EX THEATRE ROPPONGI in Tokyo.

The single was released in three formats in Japan, with two of the versions having a different concluding tracks. One edition, featuring AMATSUKI on the cover fashioned around Tomodachi Game’s styling, has an acoustic arrangement of HEARTFUL EDGE. The song, originally by Vocaloid hall of famer TOKOTOKO (AKA Nishizawasan-P), was one of the covers that helped gain AMATSUKI a following after he covered it on YouTube just for fun back in 2013, and gained over 1.5 million views in the process. The other version, featuring a rainbow on the cover, contains YUME NO TSUZUKI, written and composed entirely by AMATSUKI.
01. Mr.Fake