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NoGoD – Renovate [Digital]

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Japanese metal prophets NoGoD continue to spread the gospel of visual kei with sixth sermon Renovate.

Founded in the depths of Tokyo's underground metal community in 2005, flamboyant vocalist Dancho and his four apostles set out on their mission to play loud, rock hard and gain believers (or "fans" as most other bands call them).

NoGoD are disciplined in the faith of visual kei, a highly stylised movement where aesthetics and musicianship collide. Each member portrays their identity through their unique outfits and accessories. Most extreme is Dancho, usually found on stage wielding a holy-book-turned-microphone, covered in make-up and sometimes with giant buttons for eyes, like some kind of living doll.

Renovate includes NoGoD’s fiery, fast-paced single "Zecchou Masquerade" (Climax Masquerade), epitomised by its duelling guitars, thunderous drums and soaring vocals. Meanwhile, album opener "VAMPIRE" is a homage to classic heavy metal via J-rock and gothic subculture – the song’s music video will shortly be made available on YouTube outside of Japan.

NoGoD welcomes believers of all faiths, religions and musical denominations.

02. Zecchou Masquerade
03. Mahou
04. Souzou Graffiti
05. Ipikaie
06. Hakobune
07. Toki wo koete
08. Killer Clown
09. Kamisama no iutoori
10. Hikari
11. Tougenkyou e youkoso