LADYBABY Kawaii metal idol group JPU Records


Formed of Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya, the twosome were originally part of a three-person unit with Ladybeard, who had a number of popular music videos.

Debut release "Nippon Manju" went instantly viral upon its release in 2015 and has accumulated more than 30 million hits on YouTube, and been subject to popular YouTube channel FBE’s “React” series, where there have been over two million plays of the episode “Elder React to LADYBABY”. Some of the elders’ comments include; “[It’s like] Hello Kitty meets Slayer”, “phenomenally silly” and “I don’t like it!”.

As LADYBABY, the group had sold out headline shows in New York, Los Angeles and Cologne, as well as featuring as a guest at London’s Hyper Japan event.

LADYBABY Releases: