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Nijicon, as the group is often referred to by fans, was originally created in 2014. Its members are a collection of anime voice actresses, artists, cosplayers and choreographers.

Despite being made up of sun-dodging otaku, the group have many songs that capture the energy and vibes of the summer sun.

Niji no Conquistador Releases:

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Niji no Conquistador News:

Niji no Conquistador Unleash RAINBOW SUMMER SHOWER for 7th Anniversary

"Seven colours of a rainbow, seven tracks full of colour, seven years of irresistible Niji no Conquistador charm! RAINBOW SUMMER SHOWER is out now to officially download and stream world-wide."


Sun, Swimsuits and Shenanigans in Niji no Conquistador's 2021 Summer Single

"Each year since 2015, Japanese idol group Niji no Conquistador have released a high-energy summer single..."


Niji no Conquistador Bring Winter Charm with Single 'Koi Whiteout'

"It's not officially winter until Japanese idol group Niji no Conquistador unleash their annual Jpop winter single."