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Ena Fujita was crowned MISS iD 2017, an audition process hosted by publishing giant Kodansha in search of "girls that have never been seen before, who deserve to been in this new day and age". iD stands for identity as well as idol, and the process seeks out women who want to make the world a more fun place, whether it’s through acting, music or modelling – Ena Fujita is all three.

The same year she also unleashed her cursed EP EVIL IDOL SONG. Its titular track being the theme song for a horror movie of the same name, about a demonic songstress (also played by Fujita) who pens a song so powerful that it makes the listener’s brain explode upon listening. It was her first release under major-label King Records and recently followed it with her first full length album Iromono. Plus mini album BIKINI RIOT, available on CD overseas.


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Ena Fujita Grapples With Netflix Anime BAKI For New Single 'DEAD STROKE'

"Ena grapples with one of anime's most iconic punch 'em-up franchises; BAKI. Check out her ace ending theme."


Ena Fujita Takes Off with Debut Album Iromono

"Japan’s unconventional singer-songwriter Ena Fujita is set to take off with the release of debut album Iromono."