SCANDAL: New Album Kiss from the darkness International Release

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SCANDAL: New Album Kiss from the darkness International Release

Japan's pop-rock innovators, SCANDAL, release new album Kiss from the darkness on CD in two editions overseas. The album is the first to be released from the band’s own label "her" and is licensed to JPU Records for international release. Order now by clicking the album cover below.

The two internationally editions of Kiss from the darkness include English lyric translations and transliterations, alternate cover art, and one includes an English version of the SCANDAL magazine also entitled "her" – the first time the publication has been available in a language that isn't Japanese.

SCANDAL have had a number of their tracks used as theme songs to high profile anime series through the years, including Pokémon, Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. Kiss from the darkness expands this further with album track "A.M.D.K.J." (pronounced "amidakuji") appearing as the ending theme to the latest series of the iconic anime GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Additional to all tracks on Kiss from the darkness being written by members of SCANDAL, the band have also collaborated with a number of fantastic high-profile producers for the records; including, SASUKE on "Tonight", Yusuke Takeda (RADWIMPS) on "Laundry Laundry", and Chiaki Sato on "NEON TOWN ESCAPE", amongst others.

Since forming in 2006, SCANDAL have become one of the most successful bands in Japan and one of the country’s most recognised pop-rock acts overseas. The band has had 17 singles rank in the top ten or higher of Japan’s Weekly Oricon Singles Chart; had all six studio albums reach at least top five of the Weekly Album Chart; and achieved position three or higher for all three compilation albums. SCANDAL’s impact has even been credited for a national rise in young women learning to play a musical instrument in Japan.

SCANDAL Kiss from the darkness

Scandal Kiss from the darkness regular edition

1. Tonight
2. Masterpiece
3. Fuzzy
4. Saisyuheiki kimi
5. Laundry Laundry
7. Ceramic Blue
8. Kinenbi
9. Mabataki
10. A.M.D.K.J. (ending theme to anime GeGeGe no Kitaro)
11. Tsuki
12. YOU GO GIRL! (CD bonus track)