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KARI BAND – Kari Ongen

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This is the original demo EP from KARI BAND. Kari Ongen is the first release by the project formed by three prominent session musicians from Japan; famed, late guitarist Mikio Fujioka, bass-player BOH and drummer Yuya Maeta. Between them they have performed for the likes of BABYMETAL, Blue Man Group and NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA.

Kari Ongen is a cumulation of everything these three musicians have experienced in their career so far. From things learnt and gained from moments of passion, to times of necessity, and from a desire for continual improvement. Joining them on this musical journey are a number of guest musicians that fiercely reflect KARI BAND's convictions, musical tastes, style and other endowments of each member. These Japanese musicians include the brass section of Calmera, keyboardist Tatsuya Nishiwaki, guitarist ISAO and pianist Ai Kuwabara.

"What we most want you to hear in this work is the way in which our personalities have been utilised and expressed," KARI BAND stated. "It is the type of work which, listening to each of the sounds of each piece, might conjure up the faces of each of us playing the songs".

You can read comments on each track of the EP by each member of KARI-BAND by clicking on this link and scrolling down..

Kari Band – Kari Ongen Tracklist:

  1. Common time's Logic
  2. Chuku
  3. Ninja Groove
  4. Djentleman
  5. Jamrika
  6. Snowflakes