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Moso Calibration is an enchanting idol group from Japan's Akihabara district that fuse super cute J-pop with aggressive EDM beats and drum and bass flare.

GREATEST HITS WORLD ∞ SELECTION is Moso Calibration's exclusive overseas album. The 14 track collection sees the group collaborate with a number of cutting edge names in Japanese fashion, design and video production and has the majority of its tracks written under BABYMETAL producer Yuyoyuppe's electronic alter ego DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING.

Tracks Geki Yaba∞Bokka-n!! and Sakurairo Diary have also been anime theme songs. The video below is one our favourite tracks from the album, entitled "Chi Chin Pui Pui", the equivalent of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo or Abracadabra in Japanese.


01. Chi Chin Pui Pui♪
02. Unbalance Umbrella 
03. Irony 
04. Bang Bang No.1 
05. Gaki Yaba ∞ Bokka-n!! 
06. Sakurairo Diary 
07. Seishun Prologue 
08. Chi Chin Pui Pui♪ (instrumental)
09. Unbalance Umbrella (Instrumental)
10. Irony (Instrumental)
11. Bang Bang No.1 (Instrumental)
12. Gaki Yaba ∞ Bokka-n!! (Instrumental)
13. Sakurairo Diary (Instrumental)
14. Seishun Prologue (Instrumental)


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