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Ena Fujita – Iromono [Digital]

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The debut full-length album from the unconventional singer-songwriter, bikini rioter Ena Fujita. Includes the theme song from upcoming ultra-violent film WELCOME TO JAPAN, Japanese TV drama Arita Generation ending theme and more great tracks.

Ena Fujita was crowned MISS iD 2017, an audition in search of "girls that have never been seen before, who deserve to been in this new day and age". iD stands for identity as well as idol, and the process seeks out women who want to make the world a more fun place, whether it’s through acting, music or modelling – Ena Fujita is all three.

The album is available now for official download and streaming. Get it added to your playlists now!


1. Ienai Koto wa Uta no Naka (Iromono Mix)
2. Cho DIE
3. Eien no Oto
5. Kyoukaisen
6. Touka Koukan
7. Kareta Hana
8. Ano Hi no Hifi
9. Endroll
10. Shinjuku
11. Tsuki ga Tabeteshimatta  (Iromono Mix)