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• 28 page booklet
• English lyric translations

Japan's pop-rock giants FLOW unleash their ultimate collection of anime songs with a mighty 28-page booklet containing English lyric translations for the first time. Entitled ANIME BEST KIWAMI, the 18-track compilation has already proved popular overseas, with ten videos from the album having accumulated over 100-million plays outside of Japan on YouTube.

ANIME BEST KIWAMI crams 14 of FLOW's most popular tracks that have been used as theme songs in anime, including the Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Persona franchises. The band's first tie-in with Japanese anime, breakout single "Go!!!",is of course included. The song managed to stay in Japan's national chart for 22 weeks and its video has also been viewed close to 28 million times internationally.


1. 7-seven- (The Seven Deadly Sins ending theme)
2. AWAKE (Kiwami!!! Extreme V ending theme)
3. Go!!! (Naruto opening theme)
4. Re:member (Naruto opening theme)
5. Sign (Naruto: Shippuden ending theme)
6. Days (Eureka Seven opening theme)
7. BRAVELUE (Eureka Seven: AO opening theme)
8. Colors (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion opening theme)
9. World End (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 opening theme)
10. Aiaiai ni utarete bye bye bye (Samurai Flamenco opening theme)
11. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods theme)
12. HERO -Kibou no uta- (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods song)
13. Calling (Heroman ending theme)
14. Word Of The Voice (Persona: Trinity Soul opening theme)
15. Hey!!! (Beelzebub opening theme)
16. GLORY DAYS (Kingdom opening theme)
17. Blue Bird ft. Diana Garnet (Naruto: Shippuden opening theme)


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