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Lie and a Chameleon – JUGEM [CD]

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• 20 page booklet
• English lyric translations by vocalist Cham(.△)
• Romaji lyric transliterations.

The brand new full-length album from Japan's Lie and a Chameleon (嘘とカメレオン)! This is the international edition, featuring new English song titles for outside of Japan and lyrics translated into English directly by vocalist Cham(.△) within its 20 page booklet. Japanese lyrics and romaji transliterations also included.

The album includes '0', the opening theme to the BLEACH Brave Souls mobile game, and 'Mononoke In The Fiction', the opening to the anime In/Spectre. The album is also available to officially download and stream, with links available below. The album has already been streamed over one million times by the band's fans overseas! Our favourite track is 'second hand', check it out!


01. Goodbye to Walpole
02. 0
03. binary
04. gimmick destruction
05.『 』(No title)
06. Time Lapse
07. second hand
08. STOP!
09. Room 102 neighbour
10. Little Journey
11. Mononoke In The Fiction