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NoGoD – Arlequin [Digital]

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Japanese metal prophets NoGoD continue to spread the gospel of visual kei with latest single Arlequin.

This offering contains five songs, demonstrating the band's dynamic range within the metal genre. Leading track "Arlequin" sees the band hit with the force of their heavy metal roots, while following song "Azayakana Mujyun" replaces aggressive guitars and vocals for melodic riffs, artful solos and soaring choruses. Meanwhile, third new track "∞ continue" (Mugen continue) is almost the opposite of the single's title track, seeing NoGoD unleash beams of sunlight with bright, chirpy rhythms and an upbeat tempo.

Proving once again that NoGoD are a force to be experienced live, two live recordings have also been included; Passion Play, from a recent Japan-only single; and brand-new song Dreamer, the first time it's been available.

The title track is also included on the album proof.

01. Arlequin
02. Azayakana Mujyun
03. Mugen continue
04. Passion Play (live version)
05. dreamer (live version)