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The international exclusive album RODIAC from Japanese shamisen rock band ROA (Relic of Ancestors). In Japan the tracks from this album, each influenced by a sign of the zodiac, were released as individual singles, only available at the band's live shows. This compilation of all those singles is exclusive to overseas and highly recommended for fans of Japanese rock and western punk.

The band combine Japanese traditional instruments (they have two shamisen players!) and melodies with punk rock energy. Recommended for fans of Wagakki Band, SiM and FACT.

A number of tracks from this album have been made into music videos, including 'Hitsugenius', filmed while the band was in tour in France. And 'Tatour' from the band's time on the road in America.


01. Nuneration
02. Ushism
03. Toriot
04. Utopia
05. Tatour
06. Mischief
07. Umanity
08. Hitsugenius
09. Saroots
10. Kijinx
11. Inuvation
12. Inosecret


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