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Bed In – TOKYO [Digital]

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Japan's daring "Underground Sexy Idol" twosome Bed In bring back the bubble era with second studio album TOKYO!

The self-produced unit sees guitarist Mai Chusonji (formally of Tokyo psychedelic garage rock outfit Rei no K) team-up with Yo-say-tachi frontlady Kaori Masukodera for an entirely unique, outrageous and retrospective romp through the golden era of J-pop.

1. Kiss Me Kiss Me
2. City Girl wa isogashii
3. CO•CO•RO Generation
5. Mehyou -PANTHER-
6. Snow Magic
7. Moesaseteyo
8. Conscious ~Tatakau onnatachi~
9. Hanarete itemo…
10. Otoko wa aitsu dakejyanai
11. Julisen Hallelujah