ELFRIEDE Release Highlights from Second One-man Concert on YouTube

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ELFRIEDE Release Highlights from Second One-man Concert on YouTube

Japanese girl band ELFRIEDE released their fantastic debut album real-Ize earlier the year, available on CD and digital formats now from JPU Records. The band celebrated the release with their second ever "one-man" concert (a popular type of headline show in Japan without any support acts or guests), and have today released highlights from the gig onto YouTube ahead of their third headline show, taking place at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on 18 September 2019. The digest video can be found below:

Despite ELFRIEDE’s short history, the band has formed a solid and eager fanbase amongst Japan’s indie rock scene. The initial pressing of their self-released EP -LOVE &- sold out despite only being available at gigs and via their website, and more recently when the group set up a crowdfunding campaign to hijack the streets of Shibuya for a video advertising campaign, they succeed their goal by 229 per cent!

The campaign will see their promotional video blast across seven giant screens in Shibuya, from the famous scramble crossing up towards Tower Records (one of the biggest CD shops in the world) as well as on trucks with video screens and speakers on the back. Below is a special message the band recorded for fans overseas:

ELFRIEDE – real-Ize

01. E.L.F. (album version)
02. Starlight
04. Orange
06. FATE
07. Empty
08. Vibration
09. Long thing, Last song