ELFRIEDE real-Ize Overseas CD Edition: Out Now

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ELFRIEDE real-Ize Overseas CD Edition: Out Now

JPU Records is proud to introduce brand new Japanese rock band ELFRIEDE with the quartet’s fantastic debut album real-Ize within Europe and North America. The label's international version of the CD includes an extended booklet containing English lyric translations and transliterations so you can learn Japanese while also understanding the words.

ELFRIEDE consists of Ryo Yamabuki (guitar), Rina Hoshino (bass), Yu-yan (drum) and Mikuru (vocal). Ryo has been featured in several of Japan’s top guitar publications, including YOUNG GUITAR and Player magazine and is also a popular cosplay icon with over 100 thousand followers on Twitter. Bass player Rina also has a solo career in jazz fusion and both members have supported bands on stages across Japan. It was from doing this that Ryo and Rina could meet drummer Yu-yan and vocalist Mikuru and complete ELFRIEDE’s electric line-up.

Despite ELFRIEDE’s short history, the band has formed a solid and eager fanbase amongst Japan’s indie rock scene. The initial pressing of their self-released EP -LOVE &- sold out despite only being available at gigs and via their website, and more recently when the group set up a crowdfunding campaign to hijack the streets of Shibuya for a video advertising campaign, they succeed their goal by 229 per cent! The campaign will see their promotional video blast across seven giant screens in Shibuya, from the famous scramble crossing up towards Tower Records (one of the biggest CD shops in the world) as well as on trucks with video screens and speakers on the back.

Currently three music videos have been released from real-Ize; their first music video "Starlight"; a bright pop-rock anthem that helped them gain fans and get heads nodding, while follow up "Vibration" offers something with roots firmly placed in the realms of J-rock and emo while containing ELFRIEDE’s cheerful charm. Latest music video "Orange" sees the band show their pop side.

ELFRIEDE real-Ize Album

Elfriede band real-ize album. Japanese girl band エルフリーデ

01. E.L.F. (album version)
02. Starlight
04. Orange
06. FATE
07. Empty
08. Vibration
09. Long thing, Last song

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