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KARI BAND – Nimaime [Digital]

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The second mini-album from KARI BAND!

The band was originally formed by three session musicians who are perhaps best known internationally for being the backing band to a group that follows a certain fox deity. Their first mini album was released in the spring of 2017. In January 2018 its guitarist Mikio Fujioka suddenly passed away. A year later the remaining members, BOH on bass and Yuya Maeta on drums, restarted the project and drafted in friends and students of Mikio Fujioka to be guests on the new record. Nimaime was born.

Nimaime features guitarists Satoshi Oka, Yusuke Hiraga and ISAO, keyboardist Tatsuya Nishiwaki, violinist Soari Hoshino, pianist Ai Kuwabara, and the horn section of the band Calmera.

Read BOH and Yuya Maeta's comments on each track of the release by clicking here and scrolling to the end of the page.

Also available is KARI-BAND's live double CD with Friends.-Live at Streaming-.


01. Samurai Groove
02. Bewitching
03. Dancing Baloney
04. U-yeah!!!
05. Cloud Funding
06. I See You