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KARI-BAND – with Friends.-Live at Streaming- [2CD]

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Release date: 30 April 2021

The first live album from KARI BAND! Three livestream sessions spread across 2CDs, with a host of guest musicians.

KARI BAND – with Friends.-Live at Streaming- tracklist

DISC ONE (8 November 2020 Livestream)

  1. Samurai Groove (written by KARI BAND)
  2. Pleasure (Originally performed and written by Takashi Masuzaki)
  3. Song of my heart (Originally performed by DIMENSION, written by Kazuki Katsuta)
  4. Dancing Baloney (written by KARI BAND)
  5. Jamrika (written by KARI BAND)

DISC TWO (20 June, 23 August, 8 November 2020 Livestreams)

  1. U-yeah!!!! (written by KARI BAND and Tatsuya Nishiwaki)
  2. Chuku (written by KARI BAND)
  3. Shinjuku (Originally performed and written by Satoshi Oka)
  4. Hungarian Amburance (Originally performed and written by Tatsuya Nishiwaki)
  5. IMPRESSIONS (Originally performed and written by DIMENSION)
  6. Snowflakes (written by KARI BAND)
  7. Common time's logic (written by KARI BAND)
  8. Hair Style (Originally performed and written by Yucco Miller)
  9. Clock Up (Originally performed and written by Satoshi Oka)
  10. Ai no Jyuryoku (Originally performed by Megumi Nakajima, written by Tatsuya Nishiwaki)