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Niji no Conquistador – Koi Whiteout

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Japanese idol group Niji no Conquistador's 2021 winter single 'Koi Whiteout' is out now to officially download and stream outside of Japan.

Title track 'Koi Whiteout' sees the group once again team up with the creative talents of Takeshi Asano (PUFFY, SEKAI NO OWARI, LADYBABY). The charming burst of Japanese pop music has a video that sees Niji no Conquistador's members performing inside snow globes while wearing coordinated furry outfits. It's available to watch in full, below. The song has also been selected to represent the Fuyusupo!! WINTER SPORTS FESTA, one of Japan's largest winter sports sales events.

The single also includes bouncy funk-fest 'Luv♡Unbalance' by Murakawa Motonari (BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin), and the hyper-energetic 'Sakurairo Shower' by FUJINO TAKAFUMI (AKB48, SKE48, Nogizaka46).

Also available are Niji no Conquistador albums RAINBOW GRAVITY, RAINBOW PHENOMENON, and compilation album BEST OF RAINBOW, also available to download and stream.

Niji no Conquistador – Koi Whiteout tracklist

  1. Koi Whiteout
  2. Luv♡Unbalance
  3. Sakurairo Shower