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Niji no Conquistador – Rainbow Phenomenon [Digital]

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The third album from Japanese idol group Niji no Conquistador!

Despite the Japanese idol group being made up of sun-dodging otaku, they have many J-pop songs that capture the energy and vibes of the summer sun!

Niji no Conquistador, or Nijicon as the group is often referred to by fans, was originally created in 2014. Its members are a collection of anime voice actresses, artists, cosplayers and choreographers. All of their music is available for official download and streaming, including several singles, albums and compilations of the greatest hits.


01. overture
02. This Summer Girl is an Innocent Mistress
03. ✝︎No Life Baby of the End✝︎
04. chaos and creation
05. Retort ~Kareinaru Ai~
06. LOVE Men Koiaji Yawame
07. Natsu no Yoru wa Mijikasugirukedo...
08. Mayonaka no Telephone
09. Koi no Prelude
10. Futari no Spur
11. Jump!
12. ✝︎No Life Baby of the End✝︎ (desperate ver.)