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Nijicon, as the group is often referred to by fans, was originally created in 2014. Its members are a collection of anime voice actresses, artists, cosplayers and choreographers.

Despite being made up of sun-dodging otaku, the group have many songs that capture the energy and vibes of the summer sun.

Niji no Conquistador Releases:

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Niji no Conquistador News:

Relive the Sunshine with Triple-Track Single 'Summer towa Kimi to Watashinari!!'

"The Japanese hyper idols bring back the sunshine with bright triple-track single 'Summer towa Kimi to Watashinari!!', out now to download and stream."


Niji no Conquistador Release Three Singles at Once!

"Japan's super cute indoor idols (they aren't fans of direct sunlight) continue their quest seeking out all things 'kawaii' with the release of three new singles."


Fifth Anniversary Single 'Ai wo Kokoro ni Summer to Kazoeyo'

"Packed with festival vibes, rays of audible sunshine and bursts of J-pop energy and enthusiasm. The single features three tracks..."