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Niji no Conquistador – Summer towa Kimi to Watashinari!! [Digital]

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Japanese hyper idols Niji no Conquistador bring back the sunshine with this bright triple-track single!

The single's title track Summer towa Kimi to Watashinari!! is an upbeat, radiant anthem that means "Summer is you and me" in English. Its vibrant music video was released ahead of the single and has already been enjoyed over 600,000 times on YouTube, and sees the idol group dancing on a beach, playing in a waterpark and rolling around on tatami mats. The song is written by Motonari Murakawa (BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin, Band Ja Naimon!) with lyrics from NOBE (Juice=Juice, Momoiro Clover Z, LADYBABY).

Second track Shukan Shounen Shoujo Idol ("Weekly Shonen Girl Idol"), while still being upbeat, is also a jazzy number with a funky bassline written by Kentaro Ishii (AKB48, THE IDOLM@STER, GIRLFRIEND) and with lyrics by Ameko Kodama (℃-ute, Morning Musume, ANGERME).

Closing track Friday Night Fancy celebrates our favourite day of the working week in a joyous explosion of J-pop fun. It's written by Keita Miyoshi and has lyrics by nobara kaede (TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, FES☆TIVE, JAPANARIZM).

Niji no Conquistador Summer towa Kimi to Watashinari!!

1. Summer towa Kimi to Warashinari!! / サマーとはキミと私なりっ!!
2. Shukan Shounen Shoujo Idol / 週刊少年少女アイドル
3. Fancy Friday Night