Scandal band Tomomi, Haruna, Rina, Mami. Japanese girl band rock pop // JPU Records


Formed in 2006 in Kyobashi, Osaka, SCANDAL made their major debut in 2008 with "DOLL." The following year they won the Best New Artist category of Japan Record Awards with "ShojoS".

The girls have a huge herd of followers from home and abroad, and perform shows throughout the world. In recent years they also attract attention as fashion icons, and as producers of their own clothing line "Feedback!". In 2019 they founded their private label "her". They are Japan's iconic girl band in reality and in name.

MAMI, guitarist from Japanese girl band SCANDAL and writer of the band's ace new single SPICE, has taken over the JPU Records Playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube with a selection of her favourite songs from Japan and beyond!

Japanese girl band SCANDAL has released their new single SPICE. The track is part of short animation XPICE from production studio XFLAG, a collaborative, cross-creative project by internal and external creators and artists. Watch / download / stream now!