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the GazettE – TRACES VOL.2 [Limited Edition] [CD]

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the GazettE commemorate their 15th anniversary with TRACES VOL.2. This is the limited edition version and includes two extra songs, lyric translations and transliterations.

TRACES VOL.2 sees the GazettE bring new life to a selection of their ballads, now staples within Japan’s visual kei genre, by re-recording and remixing them. The regular edition CD features ten of these tracks, while the limited initial pressing and digital release will boast two additional songs; "Ito" and "Taion", as well as lyric translations, transliterations and special packaging.

01. Kareuta
02. Cassis
03. D.L.N.
04. Calm Envy
05. reila
06. Untitled
07. Without A Trace
08. Guren
09. Shiroki Yuuutsu
10. Pledge
11. Ito
12. Taion


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