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• Reversible cover (one with text, one without)
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• English subtitles
• French subtitles
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• Spanish subtitles
• Italian subtitles

Filmed during April–June last year, the documentary gives fans of the GazettE unprecedented access as the visual kei veterans conduct their most extensive overseas tour, with dates across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

See the quintet struggle with the elements as a storm leaves the team stranded in Houston, USA; watch what happens when their equipment is stolen before their very first show, including the laptop with all the programming, sequencing and scheduling on; and get to experience new cities, new countries and life on the road as the band swap the arenas of Japan for intimate venues in Mexico, Brazil, U.S.A., Canada, France, Germany and more, including Le Zenith in Paris, The PlayStation Theatre in New York and Moscow’s Izvestia Hall.

Guitarist AOI comments, "It still feels surreal, seeing how many people overseas know about the GazettE. In Japan, we have complete control and work with specific equipment. This was the first time in years that we didn't have such tight control, and couldn't bring our own backline, yet things worked out fine and sounded great. I don't think we'll be able to recreate the sounds of this tour again, especially from the shows in Dallas and New York. It's helped me realise I don't need to be so picky. The experience has broadened my horizons and made me reflect upon what elements to bring back and implement in our shows in Japan."

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