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FEMM – 404 Not Found

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Available for the first time physically as a Limited Edition MiniDisc! Shipping from 4.04.2021.

The EP offers radical rap styles over fierce industrial tracks. It pulls in elements of 'dark pop', a style that combines musicality and message, and is now sweeping the world's music scene. Rather than simply riding this trend, FEMM draw elements into their own sound to offer a new musical experience and a rich seam of emotion.

404 Not Found includes production by DaBaby and Lil Uzi Vert collaborator Star Boy. As well as female Japanese track-makers ANJULIECAT a.k.a. YUA and Diana Chiaki. They were approached directly by the members of FEMM as fans of their work.

Other talented producers on the EP include Danny L Harle, a key member of London-based next-generation label PC Music who has produced for the likes of Charli XCX; Japanese bass music scene players HABANERO POSSE; Japanese hip-hop linchpin KM; and Radical Hardcore Clique, pioneers of the Japalanta genre that blends traditional Japanese music and trap.

The cover art was designed by London-based illustrator Max Prentis. It depicts a lonely AI character that wanders the internet in the distant future. Long after the extinction of humankind, it attempts to access websites that will never be updated, displaying only the message "404 Not Found".

With an unpredictable sound that overheats quietly, FEMM's latest music melds the boundaries between human and machine. And borders and languages, to deliver "a world that this world has never seen".


  1. Sit Down (producer: HABANERO POSSE)
  2. Bury Me (with all my $$) (producer: ANJULIECAT)
  3. Peach (producer: Danny L Harle / Radical Hardcore Clique)
  4. Play By The Rules (producer: Diana Chiaki)
  5. Boss (producer: KM)
  6. Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku (producer: Star Boy / Loesoe / Radical Hardcore Clique)