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BUCK-TICK Reveal Exclusive Bonuses for ABRACADABRA's International Release

Japanese rock royalty, BUCK-TICK, have revealed the exclusive CD cover art and bonus track titles included in the international edition of latest album ABRACADABRA.

UPDATE: This will be the first international release for the legendary band outside of Asia in its 33-year career. It was planned for a 20 November 2020 release via London's JPU Records as a limited edition tape cassette and CD with an exclusive cover that features the band's members. Unfortunately, due to production delays caused by COVID-19 with our manufacturer, and to make sure quality is of the highest standard for BUCK-TICK, it pains us to announce that the release date for the physical release will have to be moved to an undetermined time. It is the first time in JPU's eight year history to have to move a release date. We will update you with a new release date shortly. We do not expect too much of a delay, but unfortunately we are unable to give a definite new date today. Additionally, the regular edition of the album is available to download / stream now. Our official translations have also been added to the band's music videos from ABRACADABRA on their YouTube page.

Both versions of ABRACADABRA include bonuses, including four bonus tracks; the single versions of tracks 'Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete', 'Kemonotachi no Yoru', 'Datenshi' and 'Kogoeru', the first time these have been available in a physical format outside of Japan. Both versions also boast English lyric translations and Romaji transliterations inside the packaging.

Speaking of the new album, BUCK-TICK's guitarist and main composer Hisashi Imai comments, "It's alternative electro. That's the image I had when I began writing for the album".

One thing Imai was not expecting to have an effect on the album was a global pandemic, which plunged Tokyo into a State of Emergency midway through recording ABRACADABRA. This led to the creation of a new song, 'Eureka'.

"Coronavirus interrupted the recording of this album for around a month," continues Imai. "During this time, I was composing music by myself at home. When I strummed the A chord to F#m on my guitar, tears began to well up. I kept going with that feeling and 'Eureka' was made."

Imai also found some positivity in the limitations put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. His band recently conducted their first livestream, streaming a live, full production performance to the world. "Coronavirus has made it difficult to hold concerts in Japan, much like the rest of the world. So, I think these kinds of performances that are broadcast live across the internet will increase, it’s something overseas listeners can partake in and experience us in a way they may not have been able to before."

BUCK-TICK ABRACADABRA is out physically from 20 November, 2020, and is available to stream and download now.



  1. PEACE
  2. Quesera Sera Elegy
  5. Tsuki no Sabaku
  6. Villain
  7. Kogoeru (Crystal CUBE ver.)
  8. Maimu Mime
  9. Dance Tengoku
  10. Kemonotachi no Yoru (YOW-ROW ver.)
  11. Datenshi (YOW-ROW ver.)
  13. Eureka
  14. Bokyaku
  15. Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete (Single ver.) [Bonus track]

  16. Kogoeru (Single ver.) [Bonus track]

  17. Datenshi (Single ver.) [Bonus track]

  18. Kemonotachi no Yoru (Single ver.) [Bonus track]

For more than 30 years BUCK-TICK have been inspiring musicians, influencing fashion and shaping pop-culture in Japan. This led to the MTV Video Music Awards Japan acknowledging the band’s impact by awarding them the accolade "Inspiration Award Japan" during their 30th anniversary year. The band is also widely acknowledged for being one of the factors that sparked Japan's "visual kei" movement and has had three official tribute albums made in their honour.


  • Atsushi Sakurai – vocals
  • Hisashi Imai – guitar
  • Hidehiko Hoshino – guitar
  • Yutaka Higuchi – bass
  • Toll Yagami – drums

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