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Lie and a Chameleon Rebrand Debut Album for Overseas

Japanese rock band Lie and a Chameleon (嘘とカメレオン) have re-released their debut album WOTOSHIANA for download and streaming now via UK Japanese music label JPU Records. To celebrate vocalist Cham(.△) has changed the track titles into English for overseas fans and has left some exclusive comments about the release and rebrand below.

The band recently released their first CD overseas with latest album JUGEM and had great success with the single Mononoke in the Fiction (the opening theme for anime In/Spectre), which has been streamed over one million times on Spotify, and 0, the official theme song for mobile phone game BLEACH: Brave Souls.

Lie and a Chameleon WOTOSHIANA

  1. The night parade of one hundred demons
  2. Message to Phaeton
  4. The notebooks of A
  5. Marble lens
  6. About Mr. N
  7. Ringing scales
  8. In the city where black-tailed gull crows
  9. Tetrapot-New-Urashima
  10. Maugham at the atelier
  11. However the Illusionist shake the dice

Why did you decide to put WOTOSHIANA's track titles in English?

"WOTOSHIANA is our first full album so it's like a business card of what we're about. This time, since we're re-releasing it from JPU Records, I named the English titles by myself because I wanted to deliver the meaning in my own words to many fans (嘘チル/ UsoChiru/ Lie and Chameleon Children) in foreign countries. I like beautiful titles like novel titles. Have fun with our music!"

How was WOTOSHIANA's reaction in Japan?

"I didn't want to be caught up in one genre or colour, so I put the word 'chameleon' in the name of our band. I was able to embody it with this album! I was very happy because anyone enjoyed our music even they have each genre they like. People told us that this is the most awesome album that they've ever listened!"

Is there a fan favourite track at live shows from this album?

"The songs that liven it up are; album opener 'The night parade of one hundred demons', and track three 'JOHN DOE'! Everyone gets excited and raises their hands and shout.

Is there a song the media in Japan caught on to?

"It's the 11th song 'However the Illusionist shake the dice', it caught a lot of people's attention. The music video for this song has now been played over 7.6 million times!!! Please subscribe to our official YouTube channel. Let's search the word "Lie and a chameleon" right now!

Is there a track you think will be popular with overseas listeners?

"Yes, it is the ninth song 'Tetorapot-New-Urashima'. It's a song with a characteristic tone and beautiful melody with an oriental sound. And please listen to the eighth song, 'In the city where black-tailed gull crows'. It's the only song I've made in my life. I wrote all the lyrics and music. I made it in memory of my beautiful hometown."


Lie and a Chameleon

Lie and a Chameleon (嘘とカメレオン / Uso to Kamereon, but often shortened to "Usokame") were born in Tokyo and grew up on YouTube. Their first music video Saredo Kijutsushi wa Sai o Furu (“However the Illusionist Shake the Dice”) has had over six million views and saw the band become a hot topic on Japanese social media, not least because of vocalist Cham (.△)’s bewitching manner of guitarist Sosuke’s energetic dance moves.

Now, with songs featured in mobile phone game Bleach: Brave Souls and the anime series In/Spectre, plus JUGEM, their first CD out from JPU Records, this year looks to be the band's strongest yet.


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