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Lie and a Chameleon – WOTOSHIANA [Digital]

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The debut album from Japan's Lie and a Chameleon! (嘘とカメレオン). All tracks have been renamed into English for overseas listeners by the band's vocalist Cham(.△). It includes the Japanese band's breakout track "However the Illusionist shake the dice" (されど奇術師は賽を振る / Saredo kijutsushi wa sai o furu), the ace video to which is featured below.

Brilliant new album JUGEM is also available on CD with an expanded booklet featuring full English lyric translations by Cham(.△) too.



  1. The night parade of one hundred demons
  2. Message to Phaeton
  4. The notebooks of A
  5. Marble lens
  6. About Mr. N
  7. Ringing scales
  8. In the city where black-tailed gull crows
  9. Tetrapot-New-Urashima
  10. Maugham at the atelier
  11. However the Illusionist shake the dice