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• 28 page booklet
• English lyric translations
• Romaji lyric transliterations

The fantastic new album from BAND-MAID, the impossibly hard rocking maid band. The CD entered the Official UK Rock Charts upon release and includes a track producer by legend Tony Visconti.

CONQUEROR includes a mighty 15 tracks that show all sides of the band, from their heavier aggressive side (Rinne), to softer, sing-along anthems like (endless story). They are one of the few Japanese bands to bridge the gap between cultures. On one hand, they look like they've been ripped out of an Akihabara maid cafe. They even implement the customs, referring to their audience as 'masters' and 'princesses', and calling their shows 'servings'. Don't let their aesthetics fool you, these five maids are highly skilled musicians and songwriters. Their hard hitting sound and catchy hooks have been praised by fans and media around the world.

This version of the album includes official English lyric translations and Romaji transliterations within the album's 28-page booklet. The album us also available to officially download and stream.


2. glory
3. Liberal
4. endless Story
5. Mirage
6. At the drop of a hat
7. Wonderland
8. Azure
9. Dilemma
10. Bubble
11. The Dragon Cries
12. Flying high
13. Catharsis
14. Blooming
15. Rinne / Reincarnation

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