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• 24 page booklet
• English lyric translations
• Romaji lyric transliterations

The 13-track record is SCANDAL's first to be entirely self-produced. It covers a lot of ground, exploring SCANDAL’s usual upbeat pop-rock style, combined with touches of ska, heavy rock and punk. It includes recent singles Sisters and Stamp!, the latter of which was written and composed by guitarist MAMI while on tour outside of Japan. Both songs made it into the weekly top ten of Japan’s Oricon chart. It also features the theme song from their tour DVD Chiisana Honoo, the first time the song has been available on physical or digital formats, as well as a re-recording of Your Song from previous album HELLO WORLD, now featuring full English vocals.

SCANDAL hit Japan’s music industry running, and hasn’t stopped since. Their fresh, upbeat take on pop-rock achieved them the award of Best New Artist Award at the Japan Record Award while they were still teenagers. Since then, all six of their studio albums have reached the top five of the national album charts and they continue to be well loved at home and abroad. In fact, they are so influential amongst girls in Japan that there have been battle of the band competitions for the last four years consisting solely of SCANDAL cover-bands.


01. Room No.7
02. Stamp!
04. Morning sun
05. Sunday Drive
06. Konyawa Pizza Party
07. Heaven na Kibun
09. LOVE
10. Sisters
11. Happy Birthday
12. Chiisana Honoo
13. Your Song -English ver-


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