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Sokoninaru – Choetsu [CD]

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CD Includes
• Two exclusive bonus tracks
• 20 page booklet
• English lyric translations
• Romaji lyric transliteration

This is the special international edition of Japanese supersonic duo Sokoninaru's album Choetsu. It features two exclusive bonus tracks that have never before been available outside of Japan in any format, as well as lyrics translated into English and Romaji in its 20-page booklet. The regular, digital edition of the album is due to collide with download and streaming services from 7 October 2020, simultaneously with Choetsu's release in Japan.


  1. Lament moment
  2. Mirage
  3. complicated system -new system ver.-
  4. avoided absence
  5. tenbin no ue de
  6. kyokugen wa setsuna
  7. towa no sabaku
  8. white for
  9. black to
  10. zenryaku (CD bonus track)
  11. maigo (CD bonus track)