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Sumire Uesaka – ボン♡キュッ♡ボンは彼のモノ♡ / Bonkkyubon wa Kare no Mono [Digital]

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The tenth single from the anime voice actress and Jpop singer Sumire Uesaka.

Includes POP TEAM EPIC TV Special song "last sparkle" and anime Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher?! theme song "Bonkkyubon wa Kare no Mono" too, plus a new track amongst instrumentals versions of all songs.

The first two tracks of the single are also included on the NEO PROPAGANDA album. The remaining tracks are exclusive to this single.

01. Bonkkyubon wa Kare no Mono
02. last sparkle
03. Nemurenai Mamono
04. Bonkkyubon wa Kare no Mono (off vocal ver.)
04. last sparkle (off vocal ver.)
03. Nemurenai Mamono (off vocal ver.)