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A collection of our releases containing songs from anime! While POP TEAM EPIC: ALL TIME BEST is our only "anime soundtrack", we have a ton of great albums from the band's responsible for some of anime's most iconic theme songs.
First off, if you're looking for a great album full of anime hits we recommend FLOW's ANIME BEST KIWAMI! It's packed with 17 anime themes written by the J-rock band, including songs used in Naruto, Code Geass and Dragon Ball Z. Then there's the mighty ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and SPYAIR with the BEST albums, both rammed with anime anthems as well as these Japanese rock bands' other material. These albums contains songs from Bleach, Gintama and Naruto to name a few. Then there's Ling tosite sigure's fantastic Best of Tornado album with its amazing PSYCHO PASS opening song "abnormalize"
And let's not forget the POP TEAM EPIC opening...

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