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Sumire Uesaka – Genshi, Joshi wa, Taiyou Datta. [Digital]

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The second single from anime voice actress and J-pop singer Sumire Uesaka! She debuted in January 2012. And as an artist, she made her debut with the song "Nanatsu no Umi Yori Kimi no Umi", the theme song to 2013 anime Muromi-san. She is a voice actress and artist with a wide range of interests and knowledge, such as Russia, Showa Kayo, heavy metal, tanks, lolita-fashion, professional wrestling, and beards among other things.

Opening track "Genshi, Joshi wa, Taiyou Datta." / げんし、女子は、たいようだった。is the anime Genshiken: Second Generation opening theme song. The first three tracks can also be found on debut album Kakumeiteki Broadway Shugisha Doumei.

All of Sumire Uesaka's music is available to officially download and stream. Sumire's CDs No Future Vacances and Neo Propaganda are out now and include Romaji lyric transliterations within the booklet.


01. Genshi, Joshi Wa, Taiyou Datta.
02. tetori ashitori
03. SUMIRE #propaganda
04. Genshi, Joshi Wa, Taiyou Datta. (Instrumental)